Turpentine Oil

Turpentine oil is used as Raw material for paint, varnish, and also for cleaning , other industrial cleaning purposes, and so on organic chemical industry.

 Our Gum rosin product has been consumed and highly appreciated by our customers in Euro market: Latvia, Poland…


·       Color and appearance: Clean and transparent liquid

·       Density at 15 deg C: 0.856

·        Reactive Index (20deg C): 1.46

·       Initial distilling point: 150deg C min

·       Distillate (below 170deg C): 90% min


·       Acid Vaue (mg KOH/g): 0.7-1.4


·       Alpha pinene: 40-50% or 50% min

·       Beta pinene: 1%

·       H.S Code No. 38051030

·       CAS No. 91770-80-8

1.     Packing : Net 180Kgs/Coated metal drum.

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