F.C GENERAL IMPORT, EXPORT AND TRADING CO., LTD (FCIMEX) - established in November 2005 – known as one of the most prestigious and professional Vietnamese exporters, specializes in the field of general import and export.

Starting export business activity as a sole exporter of electric fans –ASIA brand name (now ASIAVINA) to the Bangladesh market with export revenue up to 300,000 USD/ year, FCIMEX is continuously creative to find out  the most appropriate and effective development orientation and business strategies. We step by step assert our prestige in the international market and get a lot of outstanding achievements. For years, FCIMEX has made every effort to enhance ASIAVINA Brand firmly to not only be the best-selling brand name in Bangladesh market with high export sales of USD millions but also expand markets to other countries in Asia (Myanmar, Sri Lanka), Africa and South America.

With skillful leadership, effective management capability and extensive experience in the field of general import and export of Board of Director, along with dynamic, professional and enthusiastic staff, FCIMEX has been developing and expanding markets throughout the world to export not only ASIAVINA electric fans but also a wide range of household products (Water pump, Water filter, Inverter...) and raw materials (Gum Rosin, Turpentine oil, , Sack kraft paper , Precipitated CaCO3, CaCO3 masterbatch, Kaolin ...) for many industries (paint, ink, plastic, packaging ...).

Prestige and Profession are chosen as our guiding principle in all business activities. It is considered as a prominent advantage of FCIMEX. Therefore, each of customers and partners is always satisfied with the best in product quality - the nicest in design with various brands (models) and favorable price - the most excellent in service and friendly in relation as well.

FCIMEX is willing to cooperate with both domestic and international customers with the spirit of sustainable development. With a long-term cooperation of valued customers and partners, we believe that FCIMEX will develop more successfully and prosperously. 

Partners’ satisfaction is FCIMEX’s development motivation!