Gum Rosin

Gum Rosin product is used for the manufacturing of soap, Paper, Paint, printing ink , rubber as well as synthetic –organic chemicals…

 Our Gum rosin product has been consumed and highly appreciated by our customers in Euro market: Latvia, Poland…


                   Ø Grade: WW


               Ø Colour: Pale yellow  


               Ø Appearance: Transparent

               Ø Softening point (by ring and ball method): 76C° min

               Ø Acid value: 166 min

               Ø Unsaponifiable matter: 5% Max

               Ø Ethylalcohol insoluble matter: 0.03% Max

                    Ø  ASH content: 0.02% Max

               Ø  H.S Code No. 380610

               Ø  CAS No. 8050-09-7